The Taco Debacle

Hi, my name is Frankie Robles, San Jose born and raised comedian, DJ, screenwriter, and host of the show, The Taco Debacle, that I put up on YouTube as well as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

I feel that San Jose typically gets overshadowed by San Francisco and Oakland yet there is so much awesomeness going on here that goes unnoticed.

In efforts to get some more recognition for San Jose, I created The Taco Debacle. If you ask anyone in San Jose, where can I get a good taco? You’ll get a different answer from each person in San Jose that you ask. On my show, I interview local San Jose creatives (artists, comedians, politicians, etc) at their favorite taco spot in order to raise awareness and recognition of what they’re creating as well as highlight San Jose businesses (taco spots) to get them more business as well.

Грант предоставил San Jose, CA (January 2024)