Wilde Schlittenfahrt (aka Wild Sled Ride)

As snow sets now we need a prepared hill somewhere easy reachable to do the wild rides on a sled, sledge, whatever you call it: Wilde Schlittenfahrt!

I want to prepare a hill not far from the next s-bahnstation with a tractor and large drum so it has a hard ground to slide on it. Also if possible I would like to pay a little money to someone from the neighborhood to maintain the hill during days when there is not so much visitors. Promotion for the slide would be trough word of mouth and facebook.

We did large public ice-skating events in the last cold winer where we invited people on lakes we tested before and provided drinks and food there. We will do this again but felt the need of a good slide as Berlin and Brandenburg is not very hilly!

Грант предоставил Berlin (December 2010)