The Omega Project

I have been creating kaleidoscopes for 35 years and have achieved a certain amount of success and notoriety in the process. The Omega project is to achieve a dream and create the finest scope that I have ever created.
I plan on creating a table top or "parlor" scope that will have an extremely large oil filled object chamber that will contain the lamp worked glass and other objects that will provide the color for the mandela pattern. The object chamber will be turned by way of a geared mechanism. The mirror chamber will contain two front surface mirrors will will be configured to produce an eight pointed mandela pattern. The body of the scope and object chamber will all be made of polished stainless steel.
When it is completed it should be a very fine instrument.
Costs associated with making larger kaleidoscope projects has always been on the expensive side but recently stainless steel prices have gone up drastically.
I estimate the materials and machining costs for this project will easily reach or exceed $5000. This is not insurmountable but the first stage of the project is the most expensive stage and I am currently stymied by the cost of the first stage. If I can just get the first batch of stainless steel and arrange some machining this project will take flight and I am confident that I can piece together financing as necessary to complete this scope.e i
I have some of the materials already and have a good working relationship with a neighbor to do the machining that is beyond my capabilities.
One way or another this project is a dream of mine and I'm going to make it happen. This scope needs to be made and I'm going to make it.
It would just be awesome if I had some help.

Грант предоставил Cass Clay (August 2023)