Club humanitaire - Les Ami.e.s de Poche

At Madeleine-de-Roybon Elementary School there are students who are members of The Humanitarian Club. The members like to help other people who live in sickness or poverty. They make 'Pocket Buddies' to bring smiles to other children and to fund-raise for local or international charities that provide essential needs.

They make these ‘Pocket Buddies’ during their lunch hour or after school. They are made of yarn and are dressed using recycled fabric to look like different children from around the world. We create these dolls to represent all identities without discrimination.
Since our beginning in 2014, the different members have helped support 30 countries. Soon, the club will reach 30 000$ in donations. The club also donates dolls to children in need locally and in different countries.
This club has given the school the opportunity to reflect on global challenges such as peace, climate action, human rights, and cultural diversity. The Humanitarian Club was also a contributing factor to becoming a Unesco school.
More importantly, the Humanitarian Club forms your future citizen within Kingston as they are bringing humanitarian aid. Your motto is: It is as simple as local people helping to get local ideas off the ground to keep Kingston Awesome! Our youth has the same motto as you and their intention is to help not only Kingstonians but people in need all over the world.

Грант предоставил Kingston (June 2023)