Starting an Orchestra Class at Kaimuki High School

This school year were lucky enough to receive federal funding (Title IV-A), in the form of a grant, to purchase new orchestral instruments (Violins, Violas, Cellos). This money has been earmarked for instrument purchasing only, with the goal is to begin offering orchestra classes for the first time at Kaimuki High School.

While we are excited to welcome these new instruments, currently we are struggling to figure out how to store all of the new equipment as our storage rooms are almost completely full. With some thoughtful downsizing and and appropriate instrument specific shelving we believe we can make it work!

Our school is at Title I status, meaning that majority of our students live in low income households. It is an important, and self imposed, goal of our program that we provide high quality music making experiences to the students an $0 to them an their families. This money from the Awesome Foundation would go a long way in supporting that goal!

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