Operation Orphanage Paradigm Shift

I have a crazy talented muralist and a budding documentary filmmaker and we want to make a beautiful mural on a big wall in the neighborhood of one of the ten orphanages in Tijuana that Corazon de Vida supports.

We want to get the community involved, we want the kids at the orphanage to get involved, we want to transform the image of the orphanage into something to be proud of, we want the community to see it and be proud of it.

Because now, orphanages are stigmatized, many people look down on the kids or look away. We want the kids to be represented as angels, forged through adversity, testaments to the resiliency and beauty of the human condition, these kids are transforming suffering into joy daily, their battle lies within. We want to alleviate some of the battle outside.

We want to introduce the children into the neighborhood as a lasting and vital piece of the community, country, and world.

We will be documenting it and then promoting it as a story to garner fundraising attention for the orphanage!

Грант предоставил LA South Bay, CA (July 2013)