Kind Cards for Random People

For this project, I am utilizing my abilities as an artist to use color and text to create dynamic, eye-catching cards, with positive, encouraging messages, to be placed at random locations, for random people to find.

People are feeling stressed and down, more than ever. The news is a constant harbinger of strife and negativity, and social media often leaves us feeling isolated and a bit sad. My project is an attempt to counteract all of the negativity that folks are facing in their day-to-day lives.

These cards are intended to bring a bit of random, unexpected joy into the day of the recipient. It also brings fun, joy and novelty into my life as well, and I need as much of those things as I can get.

This idea started when I went back to work, after the pandemic. The energy was no longer the same at my work place, and there was a heaviness in the air. I observed it, but I also felt it within myself. To try to do something about it, I decided that I would begin taking a few minutes in the morning, to write a nice message on a card, onto which I would include a colorful stone. I would create 10 at a time, and then walk around, placing them in random places at my job, for random to people to find. It was fun for me to just walk around and find locations for my cards. I never hung around to see anyone pick them up, but I would go back to my office feeling a lot better, for having spread a little joy and kindness. I only hope that the recipients felt the same way.

A year later, and my cards have gotten a major upgrade! Instead of including a stone, I am now utilizing a lot more color, using watercolors, and a small die-cut machine to cut the words out of the watercolor paper. I love the entire process, from creating the cards to distributing them. It brings me a lot of joy.

I am also passionate about using my life energy to spread kindness and decency. In fact, my mood and outlook on life and the world around me depends on it.

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