South Middle School Books & Breakfast Event

The South Middle School Parent Teacher Group (SMS-PTG) is seeking financial assistance for the 2023 South Middle School 10th Annual Books & Breakfast event on March 18, 2023. This event is free of cost for our entire student body and their parents. Books & Breakfast celebrates community and the benefits of reading through a Saturday morning event filled with complementary books, breakfast, family games & informative sessions rooted in boosting student literacy interest & rates.

Each student that attends the event will leave with (2) books of their choosing in addition to an SMS bag filled with an additional (2-4) culturally responsive books. These books are purchased by the school administration based on feedback from an SMS student interest survey conducted within the same school year. Attendees are asked to RSVP by a specific date in order to gauge food preparation & event costs. If a student cannot attend, books may be reserved for them per their request.

Books & Breakfast is advertised on our school's website, the district website, school calendar, social media accounts, and through fliers sent home with students.

More Than a Traditional Book Fair | Books, Breakfast & Fun!

• Dozens of students & staff volunteers assist in hosting this event.
• Hot breakfasts are prepared & served by student chefs under the supervision of Mr. Wenzel, who is a CIA-trained chef, NECSD instructor & NFA graduate.
• Each SMS student has the opportunity to select culturally responsive books based on their interest, enjoy breakfast & games with their families, and gather info from local community organizations.
• Families may also attend info sessions & a workshop.
• Our 9th annual event included music by South's very own Ms. Whaba & her band.
• A photo booth & printed photos are available for all participants as an additional event take-away. The photographer donates his time & equipment.

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