Hana Noʻeau Da Aquaponics Sheds

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School seeks a grant of $1,000 from The Awesome Foundation to fund the painting of a mural on recently-installed storage sheds for our school's aquaponics system.

Ms. Alyce Dodge, a Teaching Artist, was originally set to start a two-year teaching residency with the help of the Artists in the Schools grant from Hawaii State Foundation for Culture and the Arts. However, due to personal circumstances this project has been delayed until next school year. Ms. Dodge has generously offered to volunteer her time to work with students on an alternative Hawaiian Studies project. Two recently intalled storage sheds for the aquaponics system on campus were identified as suitable for the project and, after approval from the Principal, they have been authorized for painting.

Kumu Alston will provide in-class instruction that explore Hawaiian Studies cultural values / content. His innovative pedagogical methods and student-centered approach promote all learners to comprehend the Hawaiian Studies curriculum. In a previous art project, Ms. Dodge led students in an exploration of Hawaiian kapa and other authentic Pacific art objects which consissted of researching, printing with traditional methods and techniques and motifs, discussing, and then creating new printed patterns with modern techniques. She will teach student's different art forms (hands-on), asssist with drafting design(s), and oversee the painting of the shed(s). It is our hope that the artwork is completed before the end of the school year.

This project will not only provide a beautiful mural that celebrates Hawaiian values and culture, but it will also give students an opportunity to learn more about this place we call our home. They can use their creativity to express themselves through art and foster pride in their work. We hope the mural inspires our staff, students, and community showcasing the legacy of Hawaii’s vibrant culture for generations.

Грант предоставил Oahu, HI (January 2023)