Casually Cool K-POP Hip-Hop Dance Club

Casually Cool is a Queen's student-run hip-hop, K-POP and choreography dance group/team. Overall, we want to welcome individuals of all dance experiences to join our club, including those who are interested in exploring dance as a new hobby, as well as advanced dancers. We have two teams - Team Casual and Team Cool! Team Casual is for entry level dancers. We'll provide different opportunities to explore different genres of dance through dance tutorials/fundamentals/covers. This is while simultaneously building a community/platform through different socials and dance events (like KPOP-Random Play Dance). For Team Cool, we will film covers and attend K-POP/hip-hop competitions.

This is open to Queen's and Kingston residents!

We just started this year and weren't accepted by AMS for grants as it is required for a club to run for a semester before applying! The grant would really help with our initial startup costs in hosting dance tutorials, running events and participating in events like dance battles!

@casuallycooldance on instagram

Our most recent dance cover!

Грант предоставил Kingston (November 2022)