A welcome center for Hispanic families

I am an ESL teacher in an Elementary school called Knollwood Elementary. My school is located in Salisbury, North Carolina. This school has the largest hispanic population. A lot of families bring their kids to my school because they live in near areas. These families usually need a lot of support and assistance because they are new in the community.

I want to create a welcome center for these families in my school. This welcome center will help families with the transition to a new community. In this welcome center, parents will receive full color flyers with important information about both, the school and the community. This flyer will have community resources and school resources.Also, this welcome center will provide gift cards to the new families for a fresh start. The idea with the gift cards is to provide assistance in terms of food, gas, or clothing.

These new families will be monitored for 3 months to see how the transition is going. These monitoring process will be done by making phone calls and meeting a second time by the end of the third month.

I think this project will definitely start building a positive relationship between the school and the new families. A relationship that is key for children's success in school.

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