Carroll County Instrument Tryout Day

Carroll Music Teachers (CMT) is an organization of independent music teachers working together to provide educational and cultural musical opportunities for the Carroll County community. We started working collectively after Coffey Music announced they would close in early May, and since then, we have been full steam ahead in developing the educational mission championed by Coffey Music for over 35 years. Generations of students have seen a positive impact on their lives as a result of the philanthropic services provided under the umbrella of Coffey Music as the musical cultural hub of Carroll County. One of Coffey Music’s critical community services was to reduce the barrier of entry to music by providing a free instrument tryout day for any student interested in music. In order to enrich our community and to ensure that any community member can still equitably engage with musical opportunity, we are seeking support in continuing the instrument tryout day. We are taking the business component out of the instrument tryout day and enshrining it as a tradition within our community.

Грант предоставил Westminster, MD (September 2022)