College Readiness Program

We are Ketab, a non-profit that provides free college application assistance to underserved students in Miami. This year, we are planning to lease a physical location, so students from nearby neighborhoods can come to after school. Our awesome project is to provide a safe space for students to learn and excel in their pursuit of higher education. We have computers, books, resources, and mentors who are willing to work with out students, but we are short on funding when it comes to acquiring the space. This funding would help us to secure a space for our students.

In Miami, many of our students are under resourced and do not have the support they need as they apply to college. Our program provides this space for them to have free wifi, tools, and guidance on their college applications and personal statements. Moreover, this year, we are launching a College Readiness Program that is an eight week after school program to plan and execute college applications. Our students would be delighted to have the opportunity to partake in this course in person.

Грант предоставил Miami, FL (August 2022)