Z Feeds Go-Go Bags Project

After going to live with my foster family, one day I saw a woman and two children begging for food in front of a Food Lion store. I truly did not understand how someone could be in front of a food store and have to beg for food. I gave her $5.00 and the lady cried when she received it, so touched that a child wanted to help her when so many had passed her by. I knew I wanted to make a difference. I created Z Feeds Angel Food Project when I was 9 years old. I make “Go-Go Bags” which are gallon bags filled with food, drink, toiletries and lots of love that I distribute to the homeless living in the women and children’s shelter. One of the most important items are the words of encouragement because I want everyone to always hope and believe that life will get better. My family also keeps extra bags in the car to give to homeless people we see on the street. I also distribute “Go-Go Bags” to homeless residents currently allowed to live in a hotel near my church. I continued to make bags as the COVID-19 pandemic brought the nation to a standstill. I make sure everyone observes protocol during COVID-19. I recruit other youth by inviting them to be a part of this wonderful project and discuss information on how they can also give back. My dance team does quarterly community service projects so we will invite them to be a part, making donations and packing bags, along with some youth from my church and my school, all of who do community service projects. To date, I have distributed over 1,700 food and toiletry bags with help and support.

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