Arts Event During Boulder Startup Week

With my co chair Ali Schultz and event partner BMOCA, we are planning a one time BSW event that celebrates the arts in Boulder.

We are planning a free and open to the public event which includes I have Playback theater west acting out stories of local startup history, ukele master Harper Phillips playing music, Tara Rynders perfoming a piece from You & ME, and access to the BMOCA show Broken Relationships.

It is our goal that by including this event as part of the BSW calendar, we will achieve 4 goals:

• Attendees will have fun, learn and be inspired by performances by Boulder arts community
• BSW attendees gain exposure to arts & cultural opportunities in Boulder
• Boulder arts and culture community gain exposure to Boulder startup/tech community
• Highlight Boulder arts culture outside of startups- ie. Fringe Festival, local musicians, artists, nonprofits, etc.

Грант предоставил Boulder, CO (April 2013)