Carrick Community Pavilion

The Carrick Community Pavilion (formerly Carrick Dairy District Pavilion) is an outdoor open air community space located at 1529 Brownsville Road. In 2021 25 Carrick Ave Project took over ownership of this space from Economic Development South (as part of their organizational dissolvement). As the new stewards of this space we are looking to activate this space with free public programming including community block parties, back to school celebrations, and vendor fairs, and more.

We would love to host a Carrick Community Day this summer and welcome performers and organizations from around the area. Carrick as you may or may not know is the largest neighborhood in the city of Pittsburgh, but lacks a Community Development Corporation and other respresentation. We have taken on many of the responsibilities of a CDC as a small and young non-profit.

Over the last year we have hosted 8 community events that have brought in hundreds of community residents. These events have greatly benefitted our neighborhood and have given residents something positive to talk about in their neighborhood.

Грант предоставил Pittsburgh, PA (June 2022)