National Dance Day

I am so honored and proud to serve as the Director of National Dance Day for the city of Orlando again this year, as well as the Founder and CEO of Studio K! Founded in 2010, Studio K offers the largest variety of dance/fitness classes for adults of all levels of ability than anywhere else in the nation, and we have been selected as an official campus location for the city for the last five years, providing a full day of donated classes, studio time, as well as our instructor talent, bringing a happy, fun day to adults in Central Florida each and every year!

This year, Studio K will also be making the exciting announcement that it will be partnering with the very well respected arts organization, CFC Arts, to offer a second Studio K campus location for National Dance Day on the East side of town, as well as future Studio K classes. This will greatly expand our reach, and allow us to bring the love of dance and the arts to adults no matter their age, size, or level of ability, the way we do best in a positive, supportive environment.

For Studio K, the most awesome thing in our world is always the members and guests we have the privilege to serve each day! We are deeply honored to host professional dancers, to Gastric Bypass patients, and adults at all levels in between, and help them to reconnect to their passion, find a new love of dance, build needed confidence, work on their health and wellness, or just find a positive outlet to connect with other adults in a safe, supportive home.

Грант предоставил Orlando, FL (June 2022)