Peace Club

I have recently been hired in a new position at Dr.JM Denison SS- my title is a Positive Pathways Coach and this position was created to support students who have become disengaged with their school experience- academically, but more importantly, socially and emotionally as well. We are so very concerned about the collective mental health of so many of our students- this pandemic has magnified many issues our youth have already struggled with. "It takes just as long to walk out of the forest as it took to walk in" We have been living through over 2 years of online/ back in school, repeat pivots and our students are feeling the disconnect. We are wanting to put very intentional practices in place to reclaim the fear and anxiety we feel in our school building. We are having Glen Marais lead us in very intentional mindfulness practices as a whole school- this will support our staff as well as our students. He will speak to the staff at a staff meet, then meet with our LInk Crew town hall meeting with student representation-He will also kick off this initiative with an assembly and join us in September on our Grade 9 day to introduce this practice with our new students. We wish to develop a Peace Club to carry this collective, school community daily mindfulness practice by kindness quotes on the announcments, with posters etc. We also wish to grow the Peace Club to encompass supporting our local community with food insecurity - our amazing hospitality class is willing to cook for a local school that provides daily meals to students in need. We are hoping the Peace Club will grow in performing acts of kindness and addressing social injustices because we know that in order to heal our own hearts, we must do for others.

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