Eight28Concepts presents Couple's Field Day!

I believe relationships are the heartbeat to our communities. I wanted to create an experience for married couples that encourages teamwork, problem solving, communication,and FUN! Something that helps to strengthen their relationship while engaging with other couples on the same love journey!
Couple's Field Day is that unique experience where Couple's can be intentional about preserving their relationship. This 2.5 hour event of friendly competition has trivias and challenges aimed to bring the BEST out of their relationship. We award a 1st. 3nd, and 3rd place with Olympic style medals and prizes!
Something else we incorporate is certified childcare. As a mother of young children, my husband and I often had to pass on "date nights" because we didn't have anyone to watch the kids. We understand the importance of parents needing that dedicated time to be better for the family! And what's even more impactful is, the children (who participates in activities curated for them!) Get a chance to see their parents having healthy fun together! A positive, lasting memory!
I've been blessed to have volunteers that believe in the idea & have helped to bring it to light.
The first field day was Feb of 2020 in South Florida (right before pandemic). In 2021, we hosted 2 in South Florida and our 1st one out of state in Denver, CO!
Please enjoy this brief video that highlights the experience! https://youtu.be/kN9hnmbeUX8

Грант предоставил Miami, FL (May 2022)