The Inklings Book Co-op

I started the inklings used book co.op in 2022. Armed with a desire to see books in the hands of everyone and a romantic need to center my own life around books, learning and community. I set a mission to build an inventory of second hand books, create a space accessible to all, and build a community in Mckees Rocks that centers books, conversations and opportunity. Mckees rocks, PA is currently a book and food desert, largely low income with very little opportunity and a high crime rate. The topic of school to prison pipeline is something that gets me really emotional, There are simple steps in eliminating this trajectory and I believe we all play a role in squashing this avoidable system of oppression. The inklings, is all about doing better, so that we can see and be better. "Across the US, 85% of juveniles who interact with the court system are "functionally" illiterate, 60%of the nations inmates are "functionally" illiterate." This to me is heartbreaking. The inklings book co.op is a community program first and foremost, Literacy is crucial and we are committed to doing our part

Грант предоставил Pittsburgh, PA (February 2022)