Creative Futures;Giving Voice to New Orleans Youth

Creative Futures, a program of CANO, trains high school students to plan, produce, interview and speak on "Crosstown Conversations," a show on local radio station, WBOK. Recently, the Oprah Winfrey Network produced a documentary labeling John McDonogh High School “The most violent high school in America.” We believe that the students have a right to respond to this characterization of their school and have a more complex dialogue with the city about their educational future. Students are assigned rotating tasks each show so that they can gain new skills. These shows happen once every month. Approximately 25 students work on each show. CANO feels that it is important to give these students a public and equal voice to debate this future. Further, by having a public discussion, we feel that students will be empowered to create their own change and inspired to seek further training and education for their own success.

Грант предоставил New Orleans, LA (April 2013)