Finding Gnomey

January’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to an anonymous local creator who is hiding clay gnomes around the city and posting pictures of where they can be found.

“I started this project,” explains our winner – whose identity even Awesome Ottawa doesn’t know – “because while I love working from home, I found myself not venturing out and feeling chained to my desk, and thought others might feel the same. I’ve always loved exploring the city and finding news spots, and noticed there was a lack of gnomes!”

“I try to put one out every day, and on weekends try to do collections that have 3-6 ‘gnomeys’ on the same theme, such as foodie or movie based.”

“I’ve always enjoyed being creative and felt like I had lost that part of me in the last few years. I’ve really enjoyed finding a new hobby that, I hope, brings joy to others too.”

“Gnomes are considered a symbol of good luck, and everybody can use some luck now and again.”

You can join the scavenger hunt by following @findinggnomey on Instagram.

Грант предоставил Ottawa (January 2022)