Let's Do Some Stuff

Using my creativity, I am working on a kid-friendly TV show, called ‘Let’s Do Some Stuff. In each episode, I will invite the audience along to engage in the creative process with me, inspiring all viewers to be in touch with their creativity too. The show will take place in Baltimore with each episode culminating in the creation of a new original song, video, or painting. Right now, I am researching options for a streaming network platform for the show. I plan to create 13 episodes, 25 minutes each, to pitch to local and national streaming platforms. The show will feature me, Landis Expandis, along with the live-action friends and puppet characters I play in my videos visiting with local Baltimore artists and musicians. I will begin each episode in my studio searching for inspiration, and invite the audience to travel around the City with me and my characters, meeting up and swapping stories with other artists and musicians, about how they too make music and art. At the end of each episode, through the inspiration gathered along the way, I will create a final piece in my studio.

Грант предоставил Baltimore, MD (December 2021)