Liberation is Lit

Liberation is LIT is for deep thinkers that examines social injustices, who have angst when it comes to turning philosophical ideas into action! Much more than a book club, Liberation is LIT gives recommendations on well-regarded books that more deeply explore important themes (such as gender, racial, disability justice, etc., and the subcategories that fall within those themes) and then facilitates both meaningful discussion as well as actions that club members do as a community of well-versed change-makers. We have a monthly book club (for members only), blog, and a resource of different organizations doing the work on the ground in which participants can get involved with. In the near future, I hope to apply for 501(c)3 status for the organization.

Liberation is LIT dispels the notion that activism is only marches and loud protests; we engage with activist-readers on all paths and passion areas. Participants will experience the synergy that erupts when deep-thinking, socially-conscious bookworms become movers and shakers as well! Come for the books, stay for the movement!

Грант предоставил Awesome Without Borders (November 2021)