The NPO Science and Innovation for Tomorrow (SIT) came across an issue regarding proper disposal and recycling of dry waste in cities all across the globe. So, to combat this issue, we developed a trash can that can automatically segregate the forms of dry trash by their material, which will help in recycling dry waste, and contribute towards a greener city. This project accomplishes this goal in several manners. In highly polluted cities such as Jaipur (the initial city we plan on targeting) and other major cities in India, we can reduce the usage of landfills and the burning of trash, as this waste will be better dealt with through recycling once segregated. When an individual throws this trash in the bin, the trash is checked by an LDR sensor, an IR sensor, and an inductive capacitive sensor to identify its material. Once its material is identified, it falls on to a piece of wood (placed on motors) that directs it towards the trash can of its material.

Грант предоставил STEAM (September 2021)