USE-IT Rotterdam

Just as in other global cities, in Rotterdam (young) travellers often have limited access to insider guides. So instead, they often use the obvious, typical information available out there. This can show them all the city’s highlights, but it also keeps them from seeing the actual traditional places and discovering the culture and lives of locals. In other words: these travellers only get to know the postcard city. And let’s face it, this type of tourism also often benefits only the biggest corporations and the wealthiest of the city.

In short: we plan to change that.

At USE-IT Rotterdam we want to share our city with the world, just the way it is. Therefore, we operate without commercial interest to help visitors get to know the real city and help contribute to the growth of every local entrepreneur and family business. This means: no chains, no tourist traps, no unrealistically luxurious places.

The final product will be a physical map of Rotterdam for young travellers, listing unusual routes, local tips and good addresses with a wide range of accompanying anecdotes. The physical map comes with digital prompts such as QR codes, to link to websites or podcasts with local stories and local sounds.

How will we do it?
USE-IT Rotterdam will not be a top-down product - instead we aim to work closely together with local inhabitants of each neighbourhood to find out their tips, stories and passion for the city. Throughout the entire process we will organise interactive (online and offline) workshops to gather insights and discuss ideas, ensuring our map truly portrays the Rotterdam we all know from our everyday lives.

Грант предоставил Rotterdam (July 2021)