SEEDS of Honua

Virtual seed exchange platform:
Our project is the creation and implementation of a Virtual seed exchange platform which would allow gardeners and seed growers around the state to share seed with each other and connect through the power of the seed.

Seed circle:
The living seed circle would take the shape of an online seed exchange where an intergenerational community of growers and gardeners from all experience levels would be able to connect and share seeds they have saved. This model would look similar to a local exchange platform called Exchange Avenue which is an online marketplace where users can connect to barter a wide array of resources. This platform of course would specifically focus on seeds or other propagative plant material such as cuttings, nodes, or even starter plants depending on the location of the exchange. The task of this interactive platform will be to connect a community of growers through the foundation of a sustainable seed-sharing economy. There will be no money involved except for mailing fees if that is the desired form of transaction between exchanges. In order for seed sovereignty to be achieved, seed no longer can be treated as a commodity; seeds need to be maintained as cultural and natural resources accessible to all members of society.

Seed bank:
The second aspect of this platform would be a more official marketplace defined by a seed bank.
The role of a seed bank is to protect and preserve genetic diversity of plants by saving and storing seed. This seed bank would act as a central place where locally grown seed can be properly stored and shared with other local growers. The seed bank online marketplace model would be less of an interactive experience compared to the exchange platform mentioned above but would have more consistent value as the seed bank acts as a broker receiving seed from seed savers monitoring quality control and then disturbing the seed to growers.

Грант предоставил Oahu, HI (July 2021)