Sweet Sundays challenge

Entertainment and fun places are mainly centered in the city centers; thus, children living in villages may have a lack of fun and entertaining activities. The project “Sweet Sundays Challenge” offers a creative and fun solution to this issue. Sweet Sundays Challenge aims to organize a day full of sweets and fun activities in the selected border villages: Zovasar village in the Aragatsotn region, Noraket, and Avazan in the Gegharkunik region.
The Sweet Sundays Challenge will install a pop-up candy stand in the mentioned three border villages and place a colorful food stall there. Sweet Sundays Challenge will also have loud, happy music playing at that place as well as cartoon characters entertaining villagers by playing different fun games.
The project’s success will be evaluated based on the number of children participating. The assessment will be based on how many people were expected to come and how many actually came. Sweetland expects to welcome at least 70% of border village children in the event. Sweetland expects to have 41 children out of 59 in Zovasar, 139 out of 198 in Norakert, 57 out of 76 in Avazan. As for social media engagement, the team expects to have 1000 likes and 500 shares on Facebook and Instagram monthly. The social media engagement will also be based on how many people visited the websites before, during, and after the event.
One of the main goals the project aims to achieve is to raise awareness that border villages are not given equal attention as it is given to city centers.
The communication objective is raising an issue, which is the fact that most entertainment shows or fun activities are held in cities or city centers. This project will build relations between the ones who don’t get the chance to have the fun and the ones who want to help them experience that. In case of having partnerships assured, the team will extend the program to neighboring villages.
The project will have a behavioral change effect. And be a new beginning.

Грант предоставил Yerevan (July 2021)