The Black Inventors Bus

The Modern Black Inventors Exhibit presents The Black Inventors Bus.

This Unique Mobile Laboratory showcases STEM through the eyes of Black Inventors and their inventions. By presenting these dozens of inventors we can create a whole new set of role models for our Underrepresented youth. By showing this rich history going back hundreds Of years, we can allow our you to recognize that they too can invent their way out of their situation. today there are protests around the world to tell us that yes indeed black lives matter. This is a way for everyone, worldwide to understand that there are black lives that mattered to all of their great great grandparents, they were just never told.

Currently the statistics for youth of color attending college and taking a major within a stem discipline are abysmal. No matter how many success stories there are there are thousands who never will see day one of college, we address that situation, very early, aggressively, and in ways that have never been seen before. It is time that we make sure the laws of physics, outweigh the laws of Jim Crow!

We have purchased a 37 foot RV mobile classroom from the American Museum of Natural History and we intended convert it into the Prototype Black Inventors Bus. We have proven programming, a host of professionals of color, and many veterans who will become our educators. Once we establish this prototype we will be able to deliver programming regionally and nationally. The time for action has long passed but we have the opportunity to change the world right now.

Грант предоставил Newburgh, NY (May 2021)