Kensington Interaction

Kensington Interaction is a public Display of Local Ideas and Art in the Calgary community of Kensington.

It shares local knowledge and art with Kensington/Sunnyside Community. Transforms the high visibility Kensington Interaction into an ongoing knowledge sharing space. I had the space built a few years ago.

The money will go towards the materials for creating stylish and engaging displays of the presentations below:

  • Presentation of key ideas on effectively choosing food, using food and the effects of food through knowledge from a local professional & highly regarded chef and a local health & fitness professional.
  • Presentation of the results of Governor General award-winning research on conflict resolution in african refugee camps by local scholar Jane Lawson.
  • Display of art and stories by local artist Helena Avila.

Грант предоставил Calgary, AB (January 2013)

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