Love a Lot, Love a Life

The NFNAC believes it has a part to play in the community to address property vacancy and deterioration through what we call Love a Lot, Love a Life learn by doing projects. The Love a Lot, Love a Life Project was birthed out of the NFNAC Housing & Neighborhoods Action Team for the purpose of reaching areas in which there are not or we are unaware of a block club or neighborhood association being associated with them. The Love a Lot portion of the project is to assist the area by boarding abandoned houses and painting the boards, cutting vacant lots, removing illegal dumping, clear sidewalks of debris and brush so they are traversable. The Love a Life portion is when we approach residents who may not have the wherewithal to maintain their yard if we can assist in manicure their lawn, plant flowers and remove overgrown shrubbery. The project reaches desires to reach out and to remind that community has not forgotten them. We take The Gatherings to spaces where there are no block clubs and neighborhood associations, but an interest from concerned residents to gauge interest. We do this by creating a block party and gathering information from those who attend about what they would like to see and what part they would like to play

Грант предоставил Ann Arbor, MI (April 2021)