The Sunset

The Sunset is an event that is focused is on engaging young professionals of South Bend. This event brings together some of South Bend’s best and brightest young adults and highlights the city’s development and uniqueness. With support from the Awesome Grant this event can take place again this summer and continue to inspire the City’s young professionals.

My inspiration for the Sunset comes from visiting other cities that have a growing young professional population such as Dallas, Chicago, and D.C and experiencing the exciting spaces and social scene that are attracting these young professionals. The exclusivity of being in a unique space, listening to great music, having a cocktail, and meeting a peer that works in an industry you are currently pursuing is a great experience.

In 2016 I organized the first Sunset event at the Foundry Rooftop in Eddy Street Commons. This year the Sunset will take place Memorial Day weekend at The Podium in Embassy Suites. The goal is to have 100 people on the rooftop, less than capacity, and covid-19 safety precautions required. Like the previous Sunset event, there will be hors d'oeuvres available as well as access to a full cash bar. A music playlist will be put together to create an upbeat atmosphere, while still encouraging socializing and networking. This event will target a diverse group of young professionals. Photographs and video will be captured to showcase the event on social media and to be used to market future events.

I believe events like the Sunset are critical for community development in South Bend. There is a lack of social events with a target audience of young adults in this area. In order for a community to grow, it is essential to have young families work, live, and play within that community. With larger cities like Chicago and Indianapolis nearby, South Bend must stay competitive in attracting and retaining these young professionals.

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