Parqueologia Migrante

Parqueología Migrante (PM) is a virtual project founded by 5 Latina American teens and an adult collaborator. Through conducting interviews and writing about our own experiences (testimonios) we created a website to build solidarity between migrant youth in Baltimore. We know this city offers opportunities, but that young people still feel disconnected, lacking motivation and information. Our website connects youth to resources and opportunities in education. Furthermore, our intention is to motivate and help youth find belongingness in the city.

In our digital articles, we give information about resources and engage in critical thinking to demonstrate everyday struggles we encounter and how we overcome them. We reflect on larger themes in our lives ranging from the intersections of our multiple identities, to bullying, segregation, and isolation. We think these topics are overlooked in schools and other spaces of education. Although we understand that it is difficult to have these conversations, we know it's important to create spaces where we can develop relationships that allow us to talk about who we are, how our society changes, how we can create solidarity between new and old communities, learn about those who come to be part of our cities, as well as the barriers that prevent us from integrating with the community. Often young people arrive at our schools suffering from traumatic journeys and find themselves excluded and isolated again in Baltimore. Their performance in school is sometimes attributed to their bad behavior, but the context in which they live is often unknown. With this project we want to break the stereotypes held about migrants and create ways to facilitate access to education for young people. Our common vision is to expand the PM scope to other cities and collaborate with other youth in a virtual platform while strengthening ties with the youth community in Baltimore.

Грант предоставил Baltimore, MD (February 2021)