Children's Book: Raigón Puertorriqueño

Mila and Andres are typical gen Z kids, they love their tablets and can’t imagine a second of playing that is not done through a screen. One day, as they arrive at their grandparents house they realize there is no internet and they have to face the reality of playing outside. Mila, being a smart and curious 10 year old finds her grandfather outside and out of curiosity asks how he learned English. This sparks the conversation of their roots and the Puerto Rican ‘diaspora’.

Her grandfather shares his story on how he moved at a young age in search for more opportunities. Along the way the kids find themselves running behind their grandfather learning about cultural differences, how he met their grandmother and most importantly how like every Puerto Rican,
the love their grandfather had for his Island called him back to see the land that saw him grow up.

The Diaspora with Mila and Andres, is a heartwarming Spanish rhyme children's book targeted to the 4.6 million Puerto Ricans in the US and 3 million in the main Island having to constantly explain to their children why their aunt, uncle, friend or themselves had to move. There has never been a book for parents to read to their children to help explain this story that repeats itself ( due to an economic crisis or a hurricane). But most importantly, this book explains through witty rhymes how someday they might return and how their culture and their Island will always
be with them no matter where they go.

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and have seen how this story repeats itself always. This story is inspired in my grandparents' life and my siblings and I growing up and visiting their house in the west of P.R. I want this book to help parents explain this situation to their kids and serve as a conversation starter.

Грант предоставил San Antonio, TX (February 2021)