The Black Tea Community Round Table

This project will be a filmed community roundtable in which members of the minority community, Black, POC, etc., in State College and surrounding areas to speak about their life experiences and also discuss their place in the broader community.

We intend to work with members from the 3/20 coalition. As well as speaking with members of law enforcement and government.

This project is meant to debunk myths about a marginalized community, as well as create a broader sense of community by creating an inclusive environment meant for education and growth.

Pablo and Tierra met at a protest in the summer of 2020 and immediately came together to collaborate on this project meant to bring the community together. With help from the community, they help to do just that.

They are happy to accept the award and hope you will join them as they work to help create a tighter community bond, here in Centre County. With their background in both activism and film, they hope to create something fun and educational for all.

You can find all updates by following our production page on Facebook @DarkMindPro.

Грант предоставил State College, PA (December 2020)