Sandy's Stocking Stuffers

My mother was an amazing person with a huge heart. Unfortunately she struggled with alcoholism and homelessness. She spent time on and off at different shelters including the action shelter here in Gloucester. She was always treated with dignity and respect while there which unfortunately because of the stigmas surrounding addiction and homelessness is not the way people with the same struggles are usually treated. My mom loved Christmas. Even while she was homeless with no money she would figure out a way to get a gift for everyone she loved. I remember bringing her to do her shopping and she fell in love with a mini Christmas tree but she refused to buy it for herself. Instead with the rest of her money she bought a package of socks to split between two people as a gift. Some people might think that sounds crazy but I think that shows just how big her heart was. My mom was fortunate enough to always have a place to spend the night for Christmas with family. Sadly this is not the case for so many people. My mother passed away on June 21st 2011. For years Christmas made me sad, I missed her and her holiday spirit. 4 years ago I decided that I would do something to change that. I started stuffing stockings for the homeless shelter in my mom's memory. I believe everyone deserves to smile on Christmas. I believe nobody should think that they are less then anybody else no matter what their situation is and I want everyone to know that someone is thinking of them on the holidays. I used to wonder when my mom was living there what everyone else did for Christmas now I know that they will all have something to open on Christmas morning. This year marks our fourth year of "Sandy's Stocking Stuffers" last year we were able to stuff 114 stockings! Our goal is always to hit the 100 mark. We provide stockings for the action shelter, the moms at wellspring and the grace center. I hope to one day turn this into a non profit and keep it going year after year.

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