Caileigh Lynn McDowell Pop-Up! Voter Registration

Caileigh Lynn McDowell believed in the rights of all people to have their voices heard.

Tragically, Caileigh passed away 9 days before she could register to vote. In honor of her passion for the power of the vote, The Caileigh Lynn McDowell Foundation conducts Pop-Up! Voter education and Registration events for 18 year old first-time voters. Since the 2016 election, more than 15 million young people turned 18 and are newly eligible voters! 4 million between now and November!

We believe that this effort will have a ripple effect in the families of these young people and will also help inspire their family members to register and vote. We conduct events in partnership with Woodland Hills High School (Caileigh’s Alma Mater) US Government student ambassadors.

In just the last several months we have registered nearly 500 students!

We plan to create socially distant nonpartisan POP-UP events this fall in advance of the Presidential election. We also plan to provide transportation to the polls for our extended and under-served Woodland Hills School District community. We plan to partner with other organizations for maximum impact (such as When We All Vote, League of Women Voters, etc.)

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