Living in a Postmates and UberEats world, it becomes increasingly hard to get access to healthy foods. There are apps like Instacart that deliver grocery items to costumers’ doorsteps it often comes at a cost if the store is located miles away. This dilemma speaks to the much wider issue of food insecurity and the displacement of food markets in low-income areas, like Opa Locka a food desert in Miami. When individuals in those areas buy food, they tend to go to their local bodega or dollar store, instead of a grocery store with fresh foods. Some municipalities have tried adding weekend farmer’s markets in neighborhoods with high food insecurity, but attendance remains low. It could be assumed this is because of a lack of knowledge of the new farmer’s market or due to Miami’s low walkability. This project aims to bring fresh produce from farmer’s markets right to people’s doors in high food insecure areas of Opa Locka by way of bicycle, informing them of the farmer’s market and alleviating any barrier of mobility. Not only will this create a new client base for farmer’s markets, but this will also provide nourishing fruits and vegetables to food deserts

To make my idea into a reality I hope to partner with hard-working organizations. To this day, MDC North Campus Garden is flourishing and growing exponentially. I, along with my team of volunteers have committed to watering and caring for the plants daily. We have seen a harvest of various vegetables like sweet potatoes, peppers, okra, tomatoes, carrots, and eggplants. Also, the Opa Locka Community Development Corporation will be a great partner because they realize that food insecurity is a problem, and they also understand that mobility has also proven to be just as problematic. OLCDC has done the work of adding weekend farmer’s markets on-site, but attendance remains low. My project would bridge the gap between the two problems by offering a solution.

Грант предоставил Miami, FL (September 2020)