The Big Dipper project

Through my projects, I try to raise debates, unanswered questions, on human behavior and its surroundings with a focus on illusions. Playing with psychological and/or visual perception is something I find very interesting and important.

As you know, living in big cities such as London has many advantages, but it is unfortunately difficult to see a clear sky. The city lights, the British weather and the pollution hide the contemplation of this poetic open space. Laying down on the grass and observing the stars at night is one of these simple thing that makes you escape from the daily reality. Contemplating this natural wonder makes you feel very small and brings up many questions about the human kind and the universe.

The idea is simple: I am trying to recreate the missing stars in the London sky. HOW? Using black helium balloons with bright white leds attached to them. Each individual balloon represents a star, they are all anchored to the ground by a 100 meters thread. The process is very simple, but doing it is challenging because of factors such as the wind, the rain, the place, the moon, etc.

So far, I have been able to release 15 stars in the sky. My real objective is to be able to control each individual star. If I succeed, I shall be able to create constellations (the big dipper for example), but maybe shapes, words, etc. The satisfying bit in this project is to see the citizens stopping in the street and starring at the sky.

Грант предоставил London (May 2010)

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