Sarnia Blessings

Kevin Allen is a chef with the vision to deliver meals to seniors and vulnerable people that have no access to groceries or food during COVID. He wants them to stay safe home, safe from the virus. Sarnia Blessings runs solely on donations as the meals are FREE!

Since March 22, when Sarnia Blessings began, a group of gifted and passionate people have joined Kevin to oversee this program. There are administration volunteers who screen calls, set up routes, labels for meals, track expenses and donations. There is a team of drivers (and co-pilots) who use PPE to deliver meals Monday through Friday to homes in Sarnia, Petrolia, Wyoming, St. Clair and Bright’s Grove. Kevin and his wife Jan spend endless hours each day preparing and cooking in a safe and clean environment. This is a team effort and the program could not function if one part of the team was missing.

The week of March 22, the first week meals were delivered to 20 households and each week, more and more meals were delivered to more and more houses! The week of May 3, Sarnia Blessings delivered 795 meals to 159 people in 114 households!!! Each person receives 5 meals along with a fresh baked loaf of bread plus dessert. It’s Kevin’s intentions the portions are large enough so that there are leftovers for lunch the next day!

The volunteers of Sarnia Blessings have developed relationships with the recipients when they are called each week to see if their situation has changed or if they need more meals delivered. They are incredibly grateful for the burden to be lifted off their minds during this crazy time. Some drivers have witnessed tears of relief and joy when meals are dropped off.

Kevin says he will keep going until there is no more money left to purchase food. The approximate cost of 795 meals is $2700. This team has a huge heart for what they are doing. I am asking you to consider Sarnia Blessings as the recipient of the $1000 in May.

Грант предоставил Sarnia (May 2020)