The Women's Village

I have a big vision to create a ‘Women’s Village’ - a beautiful, welcoming community hub for women in southern Adelaide, where they can come for support, connection, a sense of belonging and inspiration anytime they need it.

By offering a range of supportive professional and wellbeing services, creative and co-working hubs, and rest and relaxation spaces, the Village will offer a truly holistic approach to supporting the wellbeing of women.

As a social enterprise The Women’s Village will be an all-inclusive environment, offering any women a place to interact socially, develop friendships and connections, offer them support, and provide them a place to come and simply just ‘be’ when they are feeling lost, lonely or overwhelmed, any time they need it. The loving, welcoming, open and non-judgmental environment will give women a safe space for retreat.

A short video explaining my big idea is here:

Working towards the big dream, we are currently running with our minimum viable product: ‘The Women’s Village Pop-Up Experiences’. These events will run monthly (subject to COVID19 restrictions), held on the weekends in community centres in our region. Our unique model is proving to be a great activation opportunity for these centres, thus we are exploring this as another opportunity to scale.

Monthly event example can be found here:

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