Amazing Multicultural Community Garden

Amazing Northern Multicultural Services (ANMS) developed a community garden project for New & Emerging Communities in the North. The mission of this community garden is to connect people and families from different backgrounds (age, language, culture.) through voluntary activities and provide them with gardening and farming skills.

The community garden is run by a mix of individuals from the surrounding communities as well as from different New & Emerging communities. The garden cultivates various fresh and nutritious food and has produced maze crops for the last three years. The community garden provides an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends from different New & Emerging communities and help them deal with social isolations and develop a sense of belonging in the community. The community garden also provides an opportunity for young people to learn and develop the importance of community and stewardship, volunteer, job and life skills.

The community garden also focus on educating the community about waste minimization and the recycling of waste through composting and mulching. However, this is not possible without a mulcher machine like Red Roo. After harvesting the maze crops, we face challenges with what to do with them. If we got a mulcher machine, we can start mulching and composting all the waste and keep the community garden soil fresh and reusable for long term for the community.

Грант предоставил Adelaide (February 2020)