Disability Internships are key to longevity

Disability Pride Philadelphia Inc is creating a mentorship program to provide leadership skills to the next generation. To carry on the work of Disability Pride Philadelphia Inc., it is important to seek out our younger disabled future leaders. We have learned from history that to continue to grow as a person and an organization that we need to mentor the next generations. We at DPP Inc. want to continue the work we have worked over the last ten years, and now is the time to kick off a mentorship program for our future. Mentors will work on all aspects of the organization including management, finance, marketing, social media, and planning an event.

We hope to give each person a rotation through all aspects of the organization. This will give them exposure to the entire organization, and help us to find the right space for them to thrive. We want to provide a comprehensive paid internship for disabled high school and college students, and to accomplish this we are looking for a start up grant.

Our organization is also growing by leaps and bounds, and we need to start this now. The grant will provide us to offer two internships for the upcoming season and put together a comprehensive program.

What our grantee is saying: "I'm super excited to be awarded a grant from the Awesome Foundation Disability Chapter! Disability Pride Philadelphia Inc is my passion project. I'm excited to provide a mentorship program to our future disabled leaders!"

Грант предоставил Disability (February 2020)