Big Mike's Bikes- Repair and Redistribute Project

Big Mike's Bikes is Gloucester's mobile/pop-up bicycle repair and rental shop. BMB provides mobile, pickup/return, and on-site bicycle repairs and rentals for all of Cape-Ann and beyond, popping up with retail accessories and repair services at farmers markets and at our fixed vendor location at Stage Fort Park in 2019. BMB offers free used to parts where available and a 20% discount on all new parts, accessories and labor to those who qualify for SNAP, free school lunch, public housing, and/or those struggling with a addiction who have a desire to recover.

With some generous help from a friend and the community at large, I've been collecting discarded bicycles to rehabilitate over the winter and distribute free of charge to folks in need before spring. While used parts at BMB are always free for those who qualify for assistance, occasionally used parts will be sold to other customers if the repair calls for it- i.e., if new parts aren't readily available for an older bicycle, or if the cost of a new part would render the repair too expensive for their budget. The proceeds of these used parts sales have been set aside to help fund the repairs for this project.

Often times the highest cost of repairs on bicycles like these is the labor costs. For this project I am waiving all labor/time/effort concerns, finding help from friends and the community, and using as many used parts as possible. The money collected from used parts sales is being used to cover the reduced cost of new parts with a small margin added to cover shipping, inventory management and sales tax. These are mostly smaller inexpensive items such as grips, cables, tubes, and chains.

The benefits of cycling both to the individual and the community speak for themselves- to help bestow both children and adults with an item that brings joy, confidence, better mental and physical health, and a greener lifestyle is beneficial to all in the community, and on a broader scope, to the planet.

Грант предоставил Gloucester, MA (January 2020)