Forced Trajectory Project (FTP)

Established in 2009 we are an independent media outlet reporting on policing issues nationwide with a special focus in Las Vegas. Through artistic and journalistic excellence, we strive to create an intimate portrait of the frontline community affected by police violence, offering to the public a unique portal of community stories that have been historically marginalized by the media. Since 2018, we have been investigating policing issues in Las Vegas, unveiling multiple layers of police misconduct and corruption tied in with the detention center, coroner’s office, district attorney’s office, courts and city council. While we still report on issues nationwide due to our vast network of directly impacted communities, localizing our efforts has allowed us to put a spotlight on our local police departments, challenging their narratives head on, creating space and opportunities for those directly impacted to share their stories and for the community to receive them. Our efforts have landed us and our subjects a place at the table for discussion with local media, advocacy groups, the police departments and elected officials. We feel that our developing model of localized, focused, investigative multimedia journalism could potentially be adapted nationwide to combat society's and media’s misrepresentation of policing, ultimately giving the power of narrative to those victimized by the state, cultivating the social change needed to end police violence once and for all. In 2018, Residuum, our docuseries on police violence in Las Vegas won a distribution deal with e360TV, a channel that is run on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire platforms. We are scheduled to launch our series on their channel in Spring of 2020. Currently we are in the midst of partnering with multiple local advocacy organizations that provide service to the homeless population to produce another docuseries about how the homeless are policed in light of a recent "no camping" ban passed by the city.

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