Swaraksha Self-defense for Girls in Northern India

SAMMAN (meaning respect in Hindi) is an organization that works towards strengthening the leadership power and voice of women, along with creating awareness about reproductive health in a rural areas of Himachal Pradesh.

In Himachal Pradesh women and girls are oppressed, they don’t have a voice. They are not allowed to talk about their opinions, express their feelings or even talk about personal health issues. Boys get all the attention from their families while girls are hidden in their homes. Girls receive less support for education and are denied the freedom to take their own life decisions.
Growing up in the patriarchal system I faced many hardships. I fought for my right to study and became the first girl in my village to attain a post-graduate degree. I was raised seeing the silence of women around me.
We want to see a society where women have high self-esteem, are self-reliant and economically independent. A society where they can fight their own fears and go out in the world with courage. A society where they can snatch their rights from the clutches of society. Where women are healthy, have a good education, fulfilling careers, and the freedom of choice to make their own decision.

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