Reading Action Books

The North Newmarket Lions club, the Newmarket Lions club and the Newmarket Lioness club work together to bring volunteers from our clubs into junior kindergarten and senior kindergarten to grade 3 classes and read books provided by Scholastic books. The children enjoy the very animated readings and are excited when they receive a book of their own to take home. We expect to provide books for JK to Grade 3 at Glen Cedar, JLR Bell, Stuart Scott, Maple Leaf, Meadowbrook, Prince Charles (teachers will get a book of their choice from the 12 to 15 titles available).Schools getting books for JK/SK are Denne, Rogers, Stonehaven, Crossland's, Armitage and the teachers in this group will also receive an anthology.
With Special Needs students and teachers receiving books/anthologies we will give away between 1300 and 1400 books.
Each of the clubs contribute to the cost of the books and appreciate any help with this project. It is surprising to find that many children we read to are receiving their first book of their own. They are excited and delighted to have their own book to take home and we are happy to give them this gift towards their lifelong learning process..
We are not able to provide every primary student from the older grades with a book as our budget is exceeded beyond the JK and SK classes, but we try.

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