Less Plastic, More Water, Better Health

At Carver High School there is a high consumption of water bottles. Last year, the Alabama Environmental Council ended its school recycling programs due to lack of funds. Now, the water bottles are being added to landfills instead of being recycled.

After conducting research in our cafeteria, we found out that around 750 water bottles are bought in the cafeteria weekly. At our school, 100 percent of our students receive free lunch. It does not make sense for our peers to be purchasing water. We want to provide reusable water bottles for our school community so that we can reduce the amount of plastic being thrown away.

Furthermore, we want to improve the health of our student body. In surveys we conducted, we learned around sixty percent of our students are barely drinking half of the recommended 8 cups of water a day. Eighty-two percent of students said thy would use a reusable water bottle if they were given the opportunity. We were recently awarded a grant to purchase water bottle refilling stations at our school. Now, all we need are reusable water bottles for our students to make our project complete.

Грант предоставил Birmingham, AL (November 2019)