Dirty Kid Prom

Homeless Youth Alliance has been working with both runaway youth and youth experiencing homelessness for over a decade in San Francisco. We believe in radical love, harm reduction, and accepting folks as they are! We work in both housing, on the street, and run the Haight Ashbury Exchange.

Our youth often experience more hardships and barriers than many can imagine on a daily basis. We want to create an event that provides respite from life on the streets and allows people to let go, get creative,and have fun.

We previously created "Project Runaway" with youth in which youth had various materials to create a runway outfit. People were so passionate with what they put into making their outfits and it was super inspiring. We have a video we can share somewhere:)

Youth recently requested having a "Dirty Kid Prom" where they could create their outfits from various materials we provided and we would host an even for them with music and food

Грант предоставил San Francisco, CA (November 2019)