Good Dog Park and Bar

Our animals have become one of us – human equivalents to be talked to and fussed over, family members who are loved in life. Gone are the days of Fido being tied up in the backyard and sleeping in the dog house. Fido is now someone’s “fur baby” with a human name and a spot on the king size bed next to his Pet Parents. All generations are increasingly seeing their dogs as part of the family. Not only are we opening our wallets for our pets, we take them to yoga class, dinner, happy hour, and bring them on vacation with us - all which would have been considered outrageous even just a few years ago. And while many places have met this demand by becoming dog-friendly, they aren’t built around a joint experience for both dog and owner, leaving your dog to become an afterthought.

Instead of a place for the sole enjoyment of either dog or human, Good Dog will create a unique, inclusive environment to suit the needs of both dogs and dog owners and foster a sense of community for this growing group of residents in San Antonio's downtown core. San Antonio is growing, however San Antonio's pet friendly spaces are not. As more people move to reinvigorate our urban core, we need spaces for both us and our dogs to run and play. Combining the comforts of a neighborhood pub and the freedom of a dog park, this unique concept brings dogs, owners, and communities closer together. Dogs can run free off leash under trained supervision, while owners kick back and catch the game with friends, unwind with a seasonal beverage, or sip on coffee while reading the morning news.

Good Dog will create a true Third Place for San Antonio's pet community, providing residents with a place to enjoy and meet other like minded individuals. Good Dog will focus on creating a unique space for pet owners, as well as creating better pet owners through various philanthropic and educational events. We'll host adoption events, low cost vaccinations, training sessions, and more.

Грант предоставил San Antonio, TX (October 2019)